Custom Ryker Wheel Hub caps


blue PLA+ Ryker wheel caps with black Revamped font R
Pink Dark PLA+ custom cap
Red PLA+ Fruity Pebbles custom caps

Custom 3D printed hub caps for Can-am Ryker 600, 900 Ace and Rally

When purchasing please create Etsy account to receive preview of product prior to sending.

Select base color from over 40 different colors or send us a picture of the color you would like to match. Simple images can be 3D printed, all the way through in up to 5 additional colors. We also offer printed vinyl or regular cut vinyl coated in epoxy that can also be customized with glitter or gems.

Some of my products I do use PLA+ which has a higher heating point and is tougher than regular PLA but is still weaker than PETG! Be gentle with them, they are all PLASTIC.

You will receive 2 caps for the front wheel and 1 for the back wheel

Ironside Customs did not come up with the original design for this cap, it is a modification of (I made them thicker so they are less likely to break and some other changes to keep them from falling off) We are not responsible for any damage caused by the cap installation or removal. Cap may break when trying to remove, they are designed to not come out easily.

front caps are 2.49 inches x 2.5 inches
back caps are 2.49 inches x 2.5 inches

Can-am Ryker Epoxy coated custom wheel hub caps