Installation Instructions

Can-am Ryker handlebar item holder

Installation instructions: T30 star socket to remove the existing screw on the end of the mirror. The screw will not remove completely just loosen and then gently tap screw to push in the nut inside of the handlebar. Then you can remove the mirror. Put the holder with the words toward the mirror and make sure it is flush against the mirror ridge. You can shave off some plastic with razor or hobby knife if it is not. Then screw the mirror back onto the handlebar.

Ryker Cap installation instructions by Ironside Customs

Link to YouTube video –

  1. Line up the red metal ring tab that sticks into the center of the wheel with the slit and push cap flush with the wheel so it is up against the black ring.
  2. Turn clockwise about three turns
  3. Find the groove, may need to turn slightly counter clockwise to find and then push flush against the wheel
  4. Then turn about 1 inch counter clockwise (left) so the clip is in the groove. You should hear crunching and the cap should not turn anymore to the left.
  5. Try to gently pull the cap toward you to make sure it does not come off.

Do not install in cold temperatures as plastic can crack from the cold.

IF LOOSE:  You can add 3M VHB tape into the crease to help hold the caps in place.

Ironside Customs is not liable for any damages to vehicle or loss of caps

Front caps are labeled with Front and Rear with an R. Front go on the front outside wheels of the Ryker and the R goes on the back right side of the tire on the Ryker

Caps will have messy looking loops and flaps, those are intended to help keep caps in place.

The caps should have tabs in the slit that are pushes toward the opening. They should pull behind the pin themselves and block the caps from bouncing out. Some tabs do not print well so on some caps I will place 3M tape in the back of the slit to help hold the cap on. To insure the tape holds, the caps need to be held for as long as possible (directions say 24 hours on the 3M VHB tape)

Please read carefully before installing as we will not replace caps broken or lost due to improper installation.  Never hammer or pull edges.  Push or pull evenly from multiple sides.

Listen for noises and check caps often to make sure they are not loose.

Youtube link if you are having issues viewing embedded video –

Can-am Ryker reverse pedal Installation

Installation instructions: T30 long star socket to remove the existing screw on the end of the reverse pedal. Pull off the rubber grip. Put on new pedal, screw will be in the middle of the handle so you need a long T30 to reach. Tighten until bar is staying up on own but will still move up and down.

The handle will move up and down, by design, for safely to prevent accidental foot injury. I have added a custom TPU washer inside the handle to help tighten the fit. And you can add a metal wash if you wish to have it super tight.  Just be careful to not over tighten. 

Shovel Handles

Be careful to not flip the handle upside down and then push shifter with foot.  The handle will break when squeezed between the bike and the reverse bar.

Always have word BOTTOM downward!

Ironside Customs is not liable for any damages

Emblem installation

Carefully pry off emblem with fingers

Clean the surface of any left over sticky residue

remove tape backing, center emblem and press down firmly for at least 5 seconds

To remove, pry gently with fingers 

To insure longevity it is recommended to cover when not in use.

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