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Motorcycle helmet visor vent wedge

You ever get a steamed up helmet lens or need just a little more air than the helmet vents provide? This clip on piece will prop your helmet open just enough for a little air but not get in way of your vision. Keep in front for the least amount and slide to the side for more. Convenient hole so you can tether it so it doesn’t get lost when not on. The clip is meant to only be on when closed so the force will keep it in place, since helmet visors are not a standard size, fit may vary. plastic can heat and reshape.

Original design Motorcycle Helmet Visor Wedges by garylovesbeeris licensed under the Creative Commons – Attribution license. – I added the hole and used the small vent model to design the large one

small = holds the visor open about 5-15 mm allowing a small volume of air into the helmet. This also prevents fogging up on colder days
Large – has a lip to hold the wedge firmer against the helmet

2.45 mm gap for visor can stretch another mm – will not fit all helmets!

I print with softer TPU so that it will not scratch the lens or break but color will fade in the sun over time

The softness depends on the color. The most colors are 95a shore hardness.
The red and magenta are 85 and a bit softer.

Comes in size large and small

Clearish pink and Clearish green
Clearish Pink
Clearish red